Check In time    :  14.00-19.00
Check Out time :   8.00-11.00


The treehouse resort is located in a small village, about 70 km from Old Town and 80 km from the airport.  The trip normally takes about 1.5 hrs by car. 树屋度假村位于一个小村庄,距离老城区约有70公里,距离机场有80公里。 这次旅行通常需要约1.5小时的车程。

*****IMPORTANT***  Our reception desk is closed at 19:00.
                                    NO CHECK-IN ALLOWED AFTER HOURS.
重要信息:我们的前台在19:00关闭。 没有检查后允许的小时。

Should you need us to arrange the shuttle service for you, please see my contact information below.

Contact person:Mink
Phone/iMessage: +66-(0)87-660-1243 
QQ ID: 2542246409
Weibo: 清迈树屋
WhatsApp: +66876601243
Kakao ID: CMtreehouse
微信/Line ID: ChiangmaiTreehouse

Wechat:  chiangmaitreehouse



  Rabeang Pasak Chiangmai Treehouse            7 Moo 1 Pasak Ngam Village

Province:   Chiangmai
Country:  Thailand
Phone :  +66-87-660-1243


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