Check In time : 14.00-19.00

Check Out time : 8.00-11.00

The treehouse resort is located in a small village, about 70 km from Old Town and 80 km from the airport. The trip normally takes about 1.5 hrs by car.

树屋度假村位于一个小村庄,距离老城区约有70公里,距离机场有80公里。 这次旅行通常需要约1.5小时的车程。


IMPORTANT: Our reception desk is closed at 19:00. NO CHECK-IN ALLOWED AFTER HOURS.

重要信息:我们的前台在19:00关闭。 没有检查后允许的小时。


Private shuttle is available for pick up and drop off at your convenient time from&to any hotel in the city limit, airport, bus/train station. Starting Rate@950 baht/group of two/one-way. (950泰铢/两组/单程)


The closest market is 40 km away from the resort. To better serve you, please let us know your food preference(vegetarian,no egg/garlic/onion, no beef/pork/fish/shrimp) prior to arrival.


Meal rates: 膳食率:

Breakfast: 150 baht/person 早餐:150泰铢/人

Lunch: 150 baht/person 午餐:150泰铢/人

Dinner: 300 baht/person 晚餐:300泰铢/人


Serving time 服务时间

Breakfast 早餐 : 8:00-10:00

Lunch 午餐: 11:00-13:00

Dinner 晚餐: 18:00-18:30


#A list of the treehouse
Cottage treehouse(2pax):
Riverview House(Rimtarn), Rabeang House, Tamarind House, Jackfruit House, Bamboo House, Moon House, Vine House, Palm House

Family treehouse(4pax)
Longan House, Star House, Coconut House


  • 13 Baan Rim Tarn2
    Riverview House (one 6' Bed: 1.80x2.00m) River view terrace, The sound of clear running water, spiral stairway, Upstairs bedroom, come with 2 fan and 1 electric mosquito repellent ...

  • 20 Longan house 1
    Longan Family House (one 6' bed: 1.80x2.00m + three 3.5' beds: 1.00x2.00m) Built on a wild Longan trees for a big family, Cozy bedroom under the roof, come with 3 fan and 2 electri...