How do I go to the treehouse?

By: Sandy [IP:]
Posted on: 2014-02-17 12:02:38
How do I go to the treehouse from Chiangmai city?

#1 By: Management [IP:]
We are located in a small village, about 70 km from the city. For the convenience of our guests, we can assist in arranging the shuttle. Please contact us in advance prior to your arrival.
Contact person: Mink
Phone: +66-(0)87-660-1243
Our website:
QQ ID: 2542246409
Weibo: 清迈树屋
WeChat ID: ChiangmaiTreehouse
WhatsApp: +66876601243
Line ID: minkst3r
#2 By: Flo [IP:]
How much is a shuttle likely to be?
#3 By: Management [IP:]
Shuttle rate@950 baht/group of two/one-way.

Please contact us for the reduced group rate.
#4 By: Hanna [IP:]
How long is the shuttle ride usually?
#5 By: Management [IP:]
The treehouse resort is located in a small village, about 70 km from Old Town and 80 km from the airport. The trip normally takes about 1.5 hrs by car.
#6 By: Lufi [IP:]
How about 5 people? how much is it? Many thanks.