By: Zoe [IP:]
Posted on: 2016-09-21 09:50:37
Hi, I can't see any prices listed anywhere. What are the prices please?
#1 By: Pinn [IP:]
Dear Zoe, Please contact us directly.
Phone: +66-(0)87-660-1243
Our website:
QQ ID: 2542246409
Weibo: 清迈树屋
WeChat ID: ChiangmaiTreehouse
Skype ID: ChiangmaiTreehouse
WhatsApp: +66876601243
iMessage: ‭+66 93-132-6796‬
Line ID: ChiangmaiTreehouse
#2 By: [IP:]
HI Zoe, can we have rates for three nights stay for two in second week of December ? Thank you
Ms. Cher S YAM
#3 By: Ann Marie Alexander [IP:]
Greetings! I am looking for some information. I am interested in staying on your property for at least one week beginning on November 25. Please can you tell me what you have available and what are your rates? Do you have daily rates, weekly rates, monthly rates or all three? Thank you! Ann marie alexander
#4 By: Monique [IP:]
Hi, can you please include prices of the different treehouses on your website? That would be so helpfull.
Thank, Monique
#5 By: confused [IP:]
Please put the prices on the website. This is a common practice!