By: Zoe [IP:]
Posted on: 2016-09-21 09:50:37
Hi, I can't see any prices listed anywhere. What are the prices please?
#1 By: Pinn [IP:]
Dear Zoe, Please contact us directly.
Phone: +66-(0)87-660-1243
Our website:
QQ ID: 2542246409
Weibo: 清迈树屋
WeChat ID: ChiangmaiTreehouse
Skype ID: ChiangmaiTreehouse
WhatsApp: +66876601243
iMessage: ‭+66 93-132-6796‬
Line ID: ChiangmaiTreehouse
#2 By: [IP:]
HI Zoe, can we have rates for three nights stay for two in second week of December ? Thank you
Ms. Cher S YAM